PORTAL, the Bonn Platform Orchestra and Theater for All!


With this platform, the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn and the Theater Bonn offer an orientation in the wide field of educational offers of the two institutions and thus want to address together a large number of young Bonners with the most diverse formats. Together, PORTAL offers all children and young people, regardless of their social situation, access to cultural education.


In addition to the artistic productions of the theater, the opera and the orchestra, the work of the music theater, concert and theater educators focuses on numerous educational formats such as rehearsal visits, instrument performances, tours of the opera house, the school class subscription, our educational partnership with elementary and secondary schools, low-priced concert tickets or free workshops. In their daily work, they show children and young people Bonn as a place of cultural diversity and enable everyone to participate in a way that goes beyond watching and listening. Be it in participatory large-scale projects, participation in the children’s and youth choir or in musical and scenic workshops.


Rose Bartmer
Music theater pedagogue of the Theater Bonn


Luzie Teufel-Aras
Music mediator of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn


Zeynep Hamaekers


Ekaterina Klewitz
Musical director of the children and youth choir


Susanne Röskens
Theater pedagogue of the Theater Bonn


Juliane Fehn
Projek manager PORTAL – Inside Out


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T 0228 77 8120



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We want to help families to find a common path to the wonderful, exciting, fantastic world of music, drama and opera.

Dr. Bernhard Helmich
Dirk Kaftan