The Beethoven Orchester Bonn is the driving force of music life in the city of Bonn. The orchestra performs more than 70 concerts and participates in around 100 nights at the municipal opera house each year. Our mission is the ongoing quest for young fiery spirit in the city of Beethoven’s birthplace – and spreading this spirit around the people.


Since the beginning of the 2017/18 season, the orchestra has begun a new chapter as conductor Dirk Kaftan has assumed the post of the general music director. Along with the musicians, he intends to discover soundscapes on the highest artistic level – whether the music is 300 years old, was composed in Beethoven’s era or is contemporary music, regardless if the music originates from cultures which require traveling around the globe or wandering through unexplored territory. Our primary objective is to fasten the orchestra in the hearts and the souls of the people of Bonn and far beyond the boundaries of the city and the region.


Exceptional concert projects like the Bonner Hofkapelle, the work with international artists like Julia Fischer, Selina Ott, Matthias Brandt and Daniel Müller-Schott and diverse awarded recordings such as the opera Der Golem by Eugen d’Albert and Maurice Ravels Daphnis et Chloé as well as Franz Schreker’s Irrelohe or the awarded CD with Dirk Kaftan dedicated to Egmont by Ludwig van Beethoven (OPUS KLASSIK 2020) have testified the outstanding artistic work of the orchestra up to the present day. 2021 the Beethoven Orchester Bonn recorded the CD »Alles Tutti!« together with the cult band Brings. The dedication to the orchestra’s educational program for young people (OpenPhil or b+) and interculturall projects with Kardes Türküler or the Nouruz-Ensemble has been cheered by the audience.


The history of the Beethoven Orchester Bonn goes back to the year of 1907, when Beethoven’s birth place received its own orchestra once again, after the former court orchestra had been closed back in 1794. Prominent conductors such as Richard Strauss, Max Reger, Volker Wangenheim, Dennis Russell Davies, and Kurt Masur have established the orchestra as one of the most renowned symphonic ensembles of its kind in Germany. Over the past few years, the conductors Stefan Blunier (2008 – 2016) and Christof Perick (2016 – 2017) have lead the orchestra and determined its artistic fate.


Tours around Europe, North America, Japan, and China have helped carrying the excellent reputation of the Beethoven Orchester Bonn into the world.


On February 27, 2021, Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), appointed the Beethoven Orchester Bonn as a „United Nations Climate Change Goodwill Ambassador“ at the Deutsche Telekom AG Group Headquarters in Bonn. The orchestra sees the award as an opportunity to take responsibility for the United Nations‘ Agenda 2030, with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals to promote peace and protect our planet. 

The Beethoven Orchestra Bonn is the driving force in Bonns musical life with more than 70 concerts per year and participation in 100 opera performances.



1st violin

Mikhail Ovrutsky

N. N.

Artur Chermonov

Jaehyeong Lee

Mugurel Markos

Irakli Tsadaia

Wolfram Lehnert

Theresia Veale

Veronica Wehling

Sonja Wiedebusch

Irina Rohde

Daniele Di Renzo

Alexander Lifland

Susanne Salbego

Ieva Andreeva

Hitoshi Ooka

Victoria Gusachenko

Mladen Drenic

Anna Putnikova



2nd violin

N. N.

Maria Geißler

Melanie Torres-Meißner

Keunah Park

Dorothea Stepp

Kristina Nukii

Beate Ochs

Mechthild Bozzetti

Vivien Wald

Stefanie Brewing

Mareike Neumann

Pedro de Vasconcelos Barreto

Naoki Yamaguchi

Teresa Simone

N. N. 




Ulrich Hartmann

Susanne Roehrig

Anna Krimm

Tigran Sudzhijants

Christian Fischer

Martin Wandel

Engin Lössl

Michael Bergen

Susanne Dürmeyer

Christine Kinder

Thomas Plümacher

Johannes Weeth

Ji Eun Yang





Grigory Alumyan

Konstantin Bruns

Markus Rundel

Se-Eun Hyun

Markus Fassbender

Benjamin Hönle-Marttunen

Johannes Rapp

Caroline Steiner

Ines Altmann

Lena Ovrutsky-Wignjosaputro

N. N.



Double bass

Róbert Grondžel

Mattia Riva

Maren Rabien

Andreas Marner +

Harry Anderwaldt

Peter Cender

Frank Geuer

N. N.




Lucas Spagnolo

Mariska van der Sande

Eva Maria Thiébaud

Julia Bremm

Ursula Grote




Gunde Hamraths

Keita Yamamoto

N. N.

Susanne van Zoelen-Lucker

Stanislav Zhukovsky




Hans-Joachim Mohrmann

Amelie Bertlwieser

Henry Paulus

Florian Gyßling

Stefan Dorfmayr




Benedikt Seel

Thomas Ludes

Viola Focke

Henning Groscurth

Raymund Otten




Gillian Williams

Geoffrey Winter

Daniel Lohmüller

Rohan Richards

Thomas Kletti

Joseph Rauch

N. N.




Mechthild Drop

N. N.

José Real Cintero

Bernd Fritz

N. N.




Hans-Peter Bausch

Oliver Meißner

Gerhard Lederer

Rudolf Wedel

Nándor Németi




Christoph Schneider




Johanna Welsch



Timpani / Drums

Markus Knoben

Hermann-Josef Tillmann

Camillo Anderwaldt

Peter Hänsch



*in representation



Orchestra board

Rohan Richards (speaker)

Mechthild Bozzetti

Mareike Neumann

Theresia Veale

Gillian Williams