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In his last string quartet Op. 135, Beethoven asked: „Must it be?“ And he answered: „It must!“ The Society of Friends of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn (Gesellschaft der Freunde des Beethoven Orchesters Bonn) considers this response as Beethoven’s enthusiastic proclamation for the orchestra of his birthplace. For the friends of this orchestra it is a truly classical proclamation. For beyond the audible and visible advantages of this ensemble and its highly dedicated and inspiring General Music Director Dirk Kaftan, there is nothing but heartfelt sympathy to the rescue. Let yourself be infected by this sympathy and help in the effort to support this orchestra, for example, in outstanding individual projects or concert and musical youth education. Become a Friend of the Orchestra and find good friends in a circle of music enthusiasts. You can become a member for an annual subscription of €50.00 and, among other things, have the opportunity to visit our “NachKlänge” (Moderated artist talks) and selected rehearsals of concerts and operas.

Friends of the BOB finance composition for children

Children from 5 to 7 years of age can look forward to „Das kleine Echo“: Manfred Osten, Chairman of the Friends of the BOB (2nd from left) accepts the score of the musical piece by composer Helena Cánovas Parés (left) in the presence of Lorna Bowden (music mediator Beethoven Orchester Bonn, director b.jung) and theater pedagogue Susanne Röskens.
It was a premiere of a special kind: For the first time, the Society of Friends of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn e.V. (GdFBOB) had invited its members to a summer reception. Chairman Manfred Osten and host Malte Boecker welcomed the approximately 80 guests in the chamber music hall of the Beethoven-Haus. Music Director Dirk Kaftan presented the program for the new season and, together with his wife, soprano Victoria Kaftan, provided a musical intermezzo. The association supports the orchestra’s work by (co-)financing individual projects, with a focus on concert pedagogy and musical youth education. Most recently, the members made possible the commissioned composition „Das kleine Echo“ (The Little Echo) for children aged five to seven, which can be heard at the „Lauschmobil“ (Listening Mobile) starting in November in the foyer of the Schauspielhaus and, on request, in elementary school in Bonn. Together with the BOB’s music mediator, Lorna Bowden, and theater pedagogue Susanne Röskens, composer Helena Cánovas Parés therefore symbolically handed over the score to the association’s chairman.




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