Illuminating, exploring and invigorating the music of your orchestra with you. That is what b.jung stands for. Our mediation offers are organised according to target groups and designed especially for them. There are offers for kindergarten children, senior level pupils and families. Our offers are continuously being updated to the latest safety and hygiene concepts.

Digital Offers

Wum + Bum

The audio clips and worksheets for a fun and musical lesson on Wum and Bum and the Ladies Ding Dong can be found here.

→Class 1 + 2



Instructional Videos
Orchestral Instruments & Beethoven 5

In 14 short videos, your students will experience all the instruments of a symphony orchestra. Musicians of the Beethoven Orchestra talk about their instruments, their work, and make music – and refer to Beethoven’s symphonic works. Teaching material recommended for 3rd—6th grade, videos and material at:

→Class 3—6



Orchestral musicians digital

You have watched all the videos with your students and would like to get in touch with our musicians more intensively? Meet an orchestra musician with your class digitally via Zoom for 40 minutes.

→From class 3

Neues LauschMobil

»Nobody gets through here!«

A colorful musical – theatrical spectacle with a new composition by Gordon Kampe about freedoms, limits and the dynamics of power. Based on the picture book of the same name by Isabel Minhos Martins and Bernadro P. Carvalho. A production of the Beethoven Orchester Bonn and Theater Bonn. 

Dates & tickets for family performances →here



LauschMobil in the elementary school

LauschMobil in the elementary school! We come and perform the play in schoolyards. Registration for the free and limited performances at:

Recommended: Elementary school grade 2 + 3

Special Offers


Every season the b+ school project places a Beethoven symphony in the focus of our creative work with the students. External artists and our musicians work together with students and teachers on contributions to a joint concert. We are already accepting registrations for the school year 21/22 for b+ around the 8th symphony! 

Registration participating classes

→middle and upper levels (Mittel- und Oberstufe)



Beethoven Moves!
from May 2021

The 5th Beethoven’s meets urban culture: dance, painting and text. Information and further details at:


Beethoven Moves! is a joint project of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn and the Don Bosco Mission Bonn based on the idea and under the project management of Rita Baus. Musical Direction: Dirk Kaftan,
Stage Director: Anselm Dalferth.

→Young people from 16—21 years



Stargate Prohaska

Already in December 2019, 14 young performers went on a play development together at Stargate Prohaska, an artistic education project of Theater Bonn and us. Based on Beethoven’s play music »Leonore Prohaska«, scenes and music were created. Due to Corona, Stargate Prohaska soon became a digital hybrid project as well. The premiere was postponed several times and cancelled with a heavy heart. The project was sponsored by the anniversary society BTHVN2020. Here is a short 15 minute documentary that gives insight into the work from the last year:


Regular Offers

Instruments close up

Orchestra musicians visit various institutions and demonstrate their instruments. This not only involves listening but also participating and clapping along.

→Primary school classes 1 + 2



Orchestra Up Close

In an active workshop, musicians introduce themselves and the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn. They demonstrate their instruments and invite the school pupils to participate. In return, the school pupils are invited to an exclusive rehearsal in the rehearsal room.

→Primary school classes 3 + 4
→Lower and intermediate level (Unter- und Mittelstufe)



Rehearsal on tour

The chamber ensembles of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn rehearse their concert programmes at your school. The school pupils experience the work on the pieces, room for interpretation and musical interplay.

→Intermediate and senior level (Mittel- und Oberstufe)



Rhapsody in School

Experience our concert soloists in the classroom with your school class. Our cooperation partner Rhapsody in School makes it possible.

→Further information under

→Lower, intermediate and senior level (Unter-, Mittel- und Oberstufe)



Concerts for € 5

This season we again offer middle and upper level school classes and music courses €5.00 admission tickets to selected concerts by the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn (limited offer, only through the TKK Ticket Office).


Director b.jung

Lorna Bowden

(in representation of Eva Eschweiler)

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