To b.shine, b.research and the music of your orchestra with you: That’s what b.jung stands for. Our educational offers are arranged according to target groups and designed especially for them. There are offers for kindergarten children up to high school students and families. Our offers are continuously adapted to the current safety and hygiene concept.

Regular Offers

Instruments close up

Orchestral musicians visit your school or day-care centre and present their instruments. People not only listen, but also join in and clap along.

→Primary school classes 1—4



Orchestra Up Close

In an active workshop, musicians introduce themselves and the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn. They demonstrate their instruments and invite the school pupils to participate. In return, the school pupils are invited to an exclusive rehearsal in the rehearsal room.

→Primary school classes 3 + 4
→Lower and intermediate level (Unter- und Mittelstufe)



Rehearsal on tour

Chamber ensembles of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn rehearse their concert programme at your school. The students experience the work on the pieces, the scope for interpretation and the musical interplay.

→Intermediate and senior level (Mittel- und Oberstufe)



Rhapsody in School

Experience our concert soloists in the classroom with your school class. Our cooperation partner Rhapsody in School makes it possible.

→Further information under

→Lower, intermediate and senior level (Unter-, Mittel- und Oberstufe)




Open your ears — here comes the LauschMobil! We come to the schoolyards and kindergartens. The children experience our different mobile productions up close: Sometimes scenic, sometimes with new music, sometimes with classical classics — always a spectacle.


→Primary school grades 1-3



Concerts for € 5

This season we are once again offering school classes and music courses in the middle and upper school to selected concerts of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn.
tickets for €5/pupils. (limited offer, only via the theatre and concert box office). 




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Information and registration for our regular offers:

Special Offers

Beethoven Moves!


Beethoven Moves! combines Beethoven’s 5th Symphony with urban youth culture such as dance, beatboxing and graffiti to create a total work of art. In several workshop phases, young people from Medellín (Colombia), Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg district will develop spectacular dance scenes and creative statements that will be performed in the concerts on 9 and 10 September together with the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn.

→Youths between the ages of 16 and 21
→Info and registration:



Sing-along concert – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

September 2022—October 2022

Creepy, creepy, witching hour! On 30 October, shadows flit through the Bonn Opera House and a cold breeze rustles through the hall. Together with Bonn’s primary schools of shared learning, we will sing spooky songs — in keeping with Halloween. For this concert we are looking for primary school classes of the 3rd and 4th grade of common learning. In coaching sessions with a professional singer, the children will develop Halloween songs, which they will perform on stage together with the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn.

→Primary school grade 3+4
→Info and registration:



Exhibition »Opera is dead – long live opera«


Opera is always a spectacle: it combines music, song, poetry, visual arts, dance and theatre in an incomparable way. As part of the exhibition »Opera is dead — Long live opera!«, the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn will also be on site as an opera orchestra with instrument performances, artistic mini-formats and an autumn holiday programme.

→For families
→Information and registration:




October 2022—March 2023

In the b+ school project, we place a Beethoven symphony at the centre of our creative work with pupils every season. Artists, musicians and music educators work together with pupils and teachers on their own contributions — dance, scenic, musical or graphic — for a joint concert. This season, the final concert around the 7th Symphony with the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn will take place on 25/03/2023 at the Opera House. We are looking for classes in grades 8—12 for the project!

→Continuing school grades 8—12
→Info and registration:



Workshops BaseCampNew Music


Young people’s musical innovation is in demand again this year. In joint workshops, we will write new music with composer Helena Cánovas Parés, experiment with sounds and develop our own compositions, which we will present in the BaseCamp concert with the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn on 27 May 2023.

→Youths between the ages of 12 and 16
→Info and registration until 15/03/2023:


Digital Offers

Wum and Bum

The audio clips and worksheets for a playful and musical lesson on Wum and Bum and the Ladies Ding Dong can be found here.

→Grade 1+2



Teaching videos
Orchestral Instruments & Beethoven 5

In 14 short videos, your pupils will experience all the instruments of a symphony orchestra. Musicians of the Beethoven Orchestra tell all about their instruments, their work and make music – and refer to Beethoven’s symphonic works.

Teaching material recommended for grades 3—6, videos and material at:
→Grade 3—6



Orchestral musicians in digital form

You have watched all the videos with your pupils and would like to get in touch with our musicians more intensively? Meet an orchestra musician with your class digitally via Zoom for 40 minutes.

→From grade 3


Director b.jung

Lorna Bowden

T 0228 77 6620